From Student Blogger, Gouresh: American Life

From Student Blogger, Gouresh: American Life

October 30th, 2014

Photo: Student blogger Gouresh Kamble

I first came here on the 2013, 25th of December (I know, flying on Christmas Day!) I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous or ecstatic at the same time. Funny how those two emotions can pair up ...


Photo: Mt Rainier in Washington State.  Credit:  Ben Grey

I remember the bustling Sea-Tac Airport; Christmas lights everywhere making the atmosphere rather cheerful. I remember the drive to Auburn, the city in which my college, Green River Community College (GRCC), and house reside in. My first thoughts on Auburn were that it looks exactly the same as all the surrounding cities! However, I cannot say the same about the people. If there was something I am interested in and respect, it's diversity, and peace within that diversity, and this part of the world showed me that all cultures can live in harmony with others. 


Photo: Green River Community College

Evergreens and Mt. Rainier were on the horizon, my college came into view and I was delighted at the fact that the college is surrounded by woodland, it feels as if you are on your own island here and in turn gets me to focus on college work! So basically what I am hoping to say is that, America is giving me an amazing experience, I probably won't be the same person after it, but I will definitely learn from this amazing journey I have taken here.

Gouresh Kamble is an international student from the UK studying political science at Green River Community College in Washington State.



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