Online student course: The Ultimate Guide - Succeed as a Foreign Student in America

Online student course: The Ultimate Guide - Succeed as a Foreign Student in America

June 4th, 2015

by Alexander Oni

Are you an international student who plans to study in the United States? Are you curious about what it’s like to study and work in this great country? Would you like to learn from the experiences and mistakes of a fellow international student who just completed his graduate program?

I would like to introduce you to my course titled The Ultimate Guide: Succeed as a Foreign Student in America.  For a limited time, I am offering the course at a 50% discount to all Study in the USA readers. (See below for details.)

I came to the United States in August 2012 to begin my master’s degree studies in the University of Maryland, Baltimore County cyber security program. I graduated in May, 2014. During this time I have visited 16 different states in the United States and have learned a lot about what it means to be an international student living in America. I would like to share my experiences and what I have learned so far with you.

About the Course:

All content in this course is based purely on my experiences as an international student in the United States. It is perfect for anyone coming to study in the United States for the first time.

This course contains 20 lectures divided into 5 sections. Most of the lectures are delivered in the form of a podcast where I will share valuable information. There are a few lectures in PDF format as well.

In the first section, I share my honest opinion about the United States, I also talk about what you should pack for your trip, and, finally, the first things you need to do upon your arrival.

The second section focuses on jobs and internships. Getting a job as an intern or full-time employee can be a challenging task especially when you are a foreign student. This section aims to combat that challenge by providing useful tips. I also share my true life experience on how I was able to secure an internship despite many months of failed attempts.

The third section focuses on taxes and insurance, which will be two major issues you will face during your stay in America. 

The fourth section discusses how you can obtain your driver’s license and also shows you how to purchase a car in the U.S.

Finally, the fifth section provides some insight on how you can save a lot of money just by using your student email address to sign up for different services and websites. There is also an e-book dedicated to helping students pass the notorious F-1 visa interview (particularly useful for students from India and Nigeria, among others).

By the end of this course, you'll have valuable knowledge that will help you quickly adjust to life in America. You'll know how to make sound decisions regarding insurance and taxes, and you'll learn some valuable tips that can help you save lots of money. You'll also receive constant updates to the course as I will share any new experiences and information that I feel might be useful. You will also have the opportunity to ask me questions and I will always be there to answer them.

To sign up for Alex's Udemy course: "The Ultimate Guide: Succeed as a Foreign Student in America" with a Study in the USA discount, go to: and enter the coupon code: STUDYUSA.

Alexander Oni is a web developer, blogger, and world traveler who grew up in Russia and Nigeria. He came to the United States as an international student in 2012 and graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in May, 2014, with a master’s degree in cybersecurity.


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