From Student Blogger, Vincent: College Life as a Temple Owl!

From Student Blogger, Vincent: College Life as a Temple Owl!

January 29th, 2020

People always say that if you have a great start, then you are halfway to success. This spring semester, I had a great start at Temple University.

Although I am kind of gloomy about leaving the IELP, for me, life needs to move forward toward the future. With a bittersweet heart, but with friends and blessings from the IELP, I became a full-time Temple University Owl! I will be majoring in Computer Science and minoring in German language and culture.

I have a strong feeling that the future belongs to the people who know technology. That is the reason I chose Computer Science as my major, and I chose my minor because Germany is one of my favorite countries in the world. Germany is not only a beautiful and culturally rich country, but the language now plays a significant role in technology, business, etc., and one day I would like to live there. Most importantly, if I can speak Chinese, English, and German, then I will be able to speak with more than half of the world population!

As a freshman college student, I have a hectic schedule. My time is mostly spent on classes and college events. For example, I have six courses this term. As a personal hobby, I have performed magic tricks for more than three years. When I first came to the United States four years ago, I did not speak English. During that time, I tried to build connections with American students, and eventually performing magic tricks became one of the great ways to make friends. I have a magic performance in the Student Center coming up for a Temple University Chinese New Year event.

Catching up with my friends is also vital for me. As a member of a Philly Christian student group, I have met a lot of bright and intelligent young people, and we had a successful club fair at the Student Center. I am so happy that more and more students will join us. I cannot wait to build more meaningful and lifelong connections with other people.

After I had so much comfort food like poutine in Montreal during my winter break, losing weight has become one of my goals this semester. I would also like to try harder and harder on my fencing skills. Besides regular training, Temple University offers free gym access on campus and a discounted price for a personal trainer. I am also delighted that Temple University offers the Peer2Peer program, which allows me to make more friends and helps my English and German when I meet with other students.

When I am free, I would love to do more volunteer work, like how I became a Chinese volunteer tutor at Temple University Confucius Institute. Honestly speaking, when I am creating value for the university, I feel genuinely proud of myself because it is not only an opportunity for me but also for the goodwill of others.

The meaning of life is not how much you receive from others, but how much you give.


Zenan ’Vincent’ Shen of The People’s Republic of China is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in German Language and Culture at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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Zenan 'Vincent' Shen

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