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Japanese High schoolers relatively reluctant to study abroad

Yomiuri Shimbun

Japanese high school students are less interested in studying abroad than their counterparts in China, South Korea and the United States are, according to a recent survey, underlining their tendency to be inward-looking.

The Japan Youth Research Institute conducted the survey on a total of 8,000 high school boys and girls in the four countries.

Asked why they are not interested in studying abroad, 53.2 percent of Japanese students said it is easier to live in their home country. The high figure suggests a decline in the spirit of adventure at a time when companies are accelerating advancement overseas.

Among South Korean students, 70.7 percent said they are interested, either very much or a little, in studying abroad, followed by 69.5 percent of Chinese students and 64.6 percent of U.S. students. Only 57.2 percent of Japanese high school students are interested, either very much or a little, in studying abroad.

The survey found 15.9 percent of Japanese students are not interested at all in studying overseas, more than double the figure for Chinese or South Korean students....

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