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4 Out of 5 in Community College Want to Transfer, Report Says

New York Times

As many as four out of five community college students in the United States want to transfer to a four-year institution so they can obtain a bachelor’s degree, according to a report released Thursday by the College Board.

The report, on the challenges facing students who transfer from two-year public colleges to four-year institutions, also found that two of every five undergraduates in the United States is enrolled in a community college.

The report, "Improving Student Transfer From Community Colleges to Four-Year Institutions," draws on interviews with 21 administrators from 12 universities, including Georgetown and the University of Southern California.

The popularity of community colleges can be attributed to a number of factors, including proximity to home and rising tuition at four-year institutions. The average tuition at a public community college is 36 percent of that at a public four-year university, according to the report.

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